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Paul Scholes Retires again

Indy Sivakumar By on May 12, 2013 -
Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes announces his retirement

“Yes I am finally hanging up my boots for good!” – Paul Scholes hangs up his boots. Photo: ACTION IMAGES

Following news of Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, one the manager’s golden era player (Paul Scholes) has decided to follow suit and hang up his boots. Scholes has been out for four months with a knee injury which will require surgery to extend his career. Scholes, who previously retired but returned to aid his mentor with the lack of good midfield options, insists that this time the choice to retire is for good.

“Yes I am finally hanging up my boots for good!” says Scholes,

“Playing football is all I have ever wanted to do and to have had such a long and successful career at Manchester United, under the greatest Manager of all time, has been an honour.

“The team has the right balance and will continue to thrive under the leadership of David Moyes”


Scholes is expected to play against Swansea which will act as both his and Ferguson’s farewell in front of a home crowd.

Paul Scholes Retires again

Paul Scholes, Manchester United Legend, Retires.

“Paul is a truly unbelievable player, he has always been fully committed to this Club and it has been a real privilege to work with him for so many years.” Ferguson said

“He has always been fully committed to this club and it has been a real privilege to work with him for so many years.

“Paul will play at Old Trafford on Sunday against Swansea and will collect an unbelievable but well-deserved 11th Premier League medal”

When he does play against Swansea, it will mark his 498th Premier League appearance and it will be a shame that a player that is held in such high regards by team-mates, opponents and even everyone in the football world alike, will just miss out on the 500th game mark.

In total, he has made 716 appearances for United and scored the last of his 155 goals against FA Cup finalists Wigan last September.

Paul Scholes is regarded by all as one of the most consistent players ever to have played the game. Many will tell you that even on his bad days, he is better than most other players. Ferguson has always described him as the best all-round package; skill, power, accuracy and strength. The biggest talking point in his career is probably his decision to turn his back on England at the age of 29. As England had arguably lost their most talented and gifted player in centre midfield.

Fabio Capello thought so too, as he tried convincing Scholes back into international football prior the 2010 World Cup, where Scholes would have been 36 years old. Even though he would have been the oldest touring, his talent and skill is still unmatched by any other player.

Scholes eventually opted against, although he latter admitted he regretted the decision.

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